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    Media Statement

    Practitioners warned against unregistered persons involved in Polysomnography

    Pretoria – The Professional Board for Radiography and Clinical Technology of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has warned practitioners about suspicious sleep medicine practices.

    It has come to the attention of the Board that unregistered persons, often with no qualification at all, are involved in performing and running diagnostic and therapeutic sleep testing services (Polysomnography).

    These services are often operated in a private company, which in itself is illegal in terms of the Ethical Rules and Regulations of the HPCSA, as a practitioner should only practice in his/her own name, as an incorporated company, or in partnership or association with other practitioners.

    Liability of these persons is difficult to control, as the HPCSA does not have jurisdiction over unregistered persons, and faulty diagnoses and treatments might not be addressed appropriately.

    The Board would like to stress that any registered practitioner associated with or referring services to an unregistered and unqualified person, also stands liable for contravening the ethical rules and regulations of the HPCSA and may face charges and have fines imposed.

    Any person involved with or performing procedures or investigations that falls within the scope and practice of registered practitioners is contravening the Ethical rules and Regulations of the HPCSA. It is further a criminal offence to practice an occupation of regulated and registered professionals and individuals performing diagnostic procedures, whilst not registered, may be liable to criminal prosecution.

    Registered practitioners are reminded that collusion with medical device companies and receiving any financial gain from this will be reported in terms of the ethical rules.

    No practitioner should share fees or receive payment for procedures not involved with directly, except in case of locums.

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